DENVER SEO PRO is the best team of Search engine optimization experts, online marketers expert, programmers as well as designers experts. DENVER SEO PRO features a combined 7 years of SEO practical experience. We have ranked numerous websites spanning varied niche markets in our local Denver Market.


Denver SEO Pro don’t just offer Advice—we offer solutions. We are experienced search engine optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing professionals that know what we’re doing. We work with local, regional, national, and worldwide organizations.



Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines are the most effective way to get your website noticed by potential customers.

Website Designing and Development

First impressions are very very important & we can get that deal sealed for you right away.

Pay Per Click

With a PPC or pay-per-click (PPC) campaign you can be choosy about who comes to your website.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

Online Reputation Management

Our team provides comprehensive Online Reputation Management services that will help repair, build or protect your brand online.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is one of the most important aspects of building a successful e-commerce and lead generation website.


ROI Driven SEO Services Company – Trusted by Small and Big Businesses in Denver, Colorado

Denver SEO Pro is a reputed SEO company in Denver Colorado that helps to improve the ranking of your website in search results. We can help you generate more business from your website. We are associated with the USA most exciting brands and committing in delivering the most effective result from organic search.

We have an amazing digital marketing team, skilled across SEO, PPC, content and social media marketing, focused on delivering high return-on-investment marketing strategies.


  • We provide better SEO Services (local or international) than other SEO companies in Denver Colorado.
  • We will increase the ranking of your website with cutting edge marketing techniques.
  • Our digital marketing experts have years of experience in understanding the market demand of customers. They also provide an analysis report, along with advanced compatible sites and advertisement campaigns.
  • We offer affordable packages and pricing for any type of businesses in Denver.
  • We offer assured services on the grounds that clients will be delighted with site rankings.
  • We convert the weakest feature of sites into strengths to ensure visibility on the web.

Denver SEO Pro – SEO Strategy


Denver SEO take care of every detail of your HVAC website. From custom design, quality content, local mapping optimization, and social media updates, you can rely on our team at HVAC Webmasters to create a complete, optimized online presence for top organic rankings.


Denver SEO take care of every detail of your Cleaning website. From custom design, quality content, local mapping optimization, and social media updates, you can rely on our team at Cleaning Webmasters to create a complete, optimized online presence for top organic rankings.


Denver SEO take care of every detail of your Roofing website. From custom design, quality content, local mapping optimization, and social media updates, you can rely on our team at Roofing Webmasters to create a complete, optimized online presence for top organic rankings in Google.

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Denver SEO take care of every detail of your Garage website. From custom design, quality content, local mapping optimization, and social media updates, you can rely on our team at Garage Webmasters to create a complete, optimized online presence for top organic rankings in Google.

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Denver SEO take care of every detail of your Auto Repair website. From custom design, quality content, local mapping optimization, and social media updates, you can rely on our team at Auto Webmasters to create a complete, optimized online presence for top organic rankings in Google.

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Denver SEO take care of every detail of your Dental website. From custom design, quality content, local mapping optimization, and social media updates, you can rely on our team at Dental Webmasters to create a complete, optimized online presence for top organic rankings in Google.

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ?
Search Engine Optimization or SEO in short, is a term that encapsulates everything you need to do to improve your website’s ranking positions in the top search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)


What is On-Page SEO?
On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines.


What is Off-Page SEO?
Off-page SEO is about link building and other signals you can give to search engines to convince them about the quality and usefulness of your website.

Brand Management


You want to establish a brand that can be trusted and relied upon. At Denver SEO we will ensure that your brand gets as much notice on the available social media platforms and the genuine traffic will be directed to your website as a direct result of the quality contents available.




As your no. 1 SEO services company in Denver and Colorado we are totally committed to ensuring that your brand rises to the top of your industry.


We appreciate the need for consistency in brand recognition and visibility so we apply advanced SEO techniques towards ensuring that you are top of search engine results pages.

You will get top search engine rankings always when you allow us manage your SEO activities with top rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Our SEO Public Relations Service


We will boost your brand’s visibility and reputation with press releases and public relations, your brand’s value will also be protected.


Denver SEO is in tune with modern public relations techniques to give your brand “good press” in order to enhance its value.


Using online media platforms and search engines we will send your company’s messages all across the internet.

As the best SEO Company in Denver and the whole of Colorado we understand the need to utilize the potent strength of major search engines.


We will take advantage of their outreach power, by focusing on certain keywords or phrases embedded in released content or blog posts that has been created for onward distribution to social media outlets and for your website.

There will be a deliberately created harmony between good copywriting and search engine-friendliness.

All news items released will be Search-Engine Optimized (SEO) to ensure that it gets substantial visibility.


In so doing you will have the opportunity of a much bigger target audience, you will improve your press recognition, brand loyalty and improved quality traffic to your website, thereby increasing the possibility of your sales turnover.

Great Reputation Management


We recognise that the only way there is going to be a boost in traffic to your website and also an increase in prospective customers for your business is for your reputation to be enhanced.


We will utilise our public relations skills, advanced knowledge of search engine optimization and reliable traditional branding techniques to provide our clients with consistent results always.


With proprietary technology and advanced Internet research methodologies at out fingertips, we are able to; Monitor, Appraise Decisively execute actions towards rectifying any harmful blog posts, negative press as well as any forum topic in which your brand or name has been mentioned as well as any other detrimental online content.


Denver SEO understands that online reputation management basically involves public relations as well as marketing.

To this end, we combine good publicity with high visibility as well as strong search engine indexing to significantly improve your brand’s web presence which in return will lead to you having a top ranking in search engine results.

know that your brand is unique and it is what differentiates you from the rest.


Our corporate Internet branding is designed to highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to your target audience in a subtle and engaging manner.

This will increase demand for your product and service by increasing prospective customers to your website and other points of online direct contact with your brand.


Denver SEO will ensure that your brand name is strengthened and easily recognisable from your competitors.

Using ourselves as an example we will ensure that your brand stands out and is highly sort after by your online target audience making it a leader in its industry and on the internet.

Local SEO

Your Online Target Audience Matters!

Do You Want Your Local Online Target Audience To Know About You?

DENVER SEO PRO is your no. 1 SEO Company in Colorado and your first choice for managing your SEO campaigns.

We understand how difficult it is starting your own business from scratch.

DENVER SEO PRO started from humble beginnings as an SEO Company in DENVER and providing SEO services in our own locality can be even harder than you can imagine.

That is why we manage every customer as if it were our own company and business, ensuring that your SEO campaigns are carefully thought-out and scientifically planned and executed to achieve your desired outcome.


Our Local SEO And Regional SEO Solution Services:


We will give your business the competitive edge over your rivals by putting it at the forefront as the leading brand that every one should know about and patronise.

Our team of specialists will ensure that your website is ranked on top of the local and regional search engine results for your field or industry.


We Utilise Google Map To Its Optimum:


We understand the importance of Google map to your business as it can enable prospective customers to conveniently locate your business just at the click of a button and in effect increase traffic to your website.

To this end our experts will thoroughly utilise Google map by getting your business listed on top of its local business listing page thereby giving it great exposure.


We Will Perform A Scientific Website Audit:


We believe in applying tried and tested scientific methods to determine the true nature and current health of your existing website. Using the most sophisticated SEO tools, we will perform a website audit to know where your business is in order to plan towards where it ought to be.


We Will Create Quality Links:


Your business will be adequately promoted and traffic to your website will reach an all-time high when we generate quality one-way thematic localised business links. This is because we are conversant with the search patterns of your prospective customers in your locality.


DENVER SEO PROGuarantees Your Website Will Have Quality Content Always:


Your online content says a lot about who you are, that is why we will ensure that only 100% plagiarism proof, quality contents are on your website.

Your prospective customers will be enticed by the quality of your content and this will drive-in relevant traffic to your site.


We Will Fully Utilise Local Business Listing To Maximise Your Local SEO:


It is no surprise that in order to have a competitive edge over rivals most small and medium sized businesses have increased their demand for Local and Regional SEO Services. We will fully optimise the use of local business listings in order to maximise your local SEO.


Improved Business Opportunities:


Without sales your business will not thrive, so our goal is to generate enough relevant traffic on your website to increase your prospective customer list, sales turnover and reputation as a trustworthy business.

Your website will gain significant SEO ranking on local and regional search engine results when we create inbound links for your business and expose it to your target audience on both a local and regional scale.


Fully Optimising Mobile Apps And Tools:


The availability of smartphones like iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices has increased the use of mobile search by phone owners and frequency of this trend keeps rising.

It is currently estimated that about 75% of all smartphone users frequently make use of their smartphones in making web searches.

IT companies are seriously exploring and exploiting the huge potential of mobile devices as a veritable tool for phone owners to micro-manage their activities on a mobile platform.

It is estimated that local business searches carried out on smartphones and Android devices make up 50% of all web searches.

DENVER SEO PROyour no. 1 SEO services company in Colorado will ensure that your business get the mileage and exposure it deserves by providing only the very best in mobile optimized SEO solution services.

As we are fully aware of the potential of mobile web searches in drawing relevant traffic to your website, increasing your prospective customer list and eventually improving your sales turnover.


Precise Business Listings:


We take pride in ensuring that your business is listed on an accurate SEO local business listing that your target audience can easily have access to your business information and website through a web search.

We create a business/prospective customers relationship by building trust which is the cornerstone of a successful SEO campaign.


24/7 Live Technical Assistance And Customer Support:


You will have 24/7 technical and customer support when you partner with us.

We provide live chat tech. support to address several FAQ and online marketing issues.

Our years of unrivalled experience and success in this SEO service feature distinguishes us from others in the industry and puts us in the forefront as a leading SEO Company in Colorado.

With our real time live chat technical support fully interactive sessions, you will be adequately informed on our regional and local SEO solution services.

Out courteous and highly professional specialist will gladly take you on a virtual tour of how, through a strategic SEO campaign your business will be transformed from an obscure, relatively unknown entity into a popular, highly sort after and intensely competitive and thriving online business.


Your Business Is All We Care About!


Getting your business ranked in the top 10 of local or regional Google search engine results is a goal we our passionate about.

We ensure that you are carried along every step of the way in all our SEO activities.

Your business growth is our business!

Here are some of the ways we intend serving you;


Frequent Updates


The golden rule for us is effective communication.

You are made fully aware through regular daily reports and updates by us of all our local SEO activities as well as the performance of your business in the local and regional SEO business listings.


Knowledge Is Power


We have extensive knowledge on SEO and how we can effectively utilise the online tools available to increase your business ranking on local business listings and local search engine results.


You Are On The Driver’s Seat


You are in total control when you subscribe to our local SEO solution services. Your website’s online marketing activities is literally in your back pocket and you are completely aware of what, when and where your website and its contents are visible.


Peace Of Mind


We give you peace of mind as DENVER SEO PRO will manage all your local SEO campaigns with care, due diligence and professionalism.

Great Benefits From Denver SEO PRO Reseller SEO  Program

Let Us Relieve You Of The Burden Of Your SEO Campaigns!

As the leading SEO Company in Denver  we always strive for business partnerships and we do such in the following ways;


We Can Be Your Reseller Partner:


You don’t have to be a pro when you partner with us and make us your SEO reseller.

We will handle the highly intricate and complex nature of website optimisation.

Anonymity is our watch word, as we make use of your own brand name without your client getting to know about us.

If you have clients in need of White Label SEO services and you are a SEO, Web hosting or Web designing company all you need to do is outsource this SEO service to us.

You could give us a part or your entire SEO projects and it is done by you making us your reseller partner.


Referral Partnership:


While you reserve the right to bill your clients whatever you feel is right and fair; you could also refer them to us at a rate that is mutually beneficial to us.

By so doing we at DENVER SEO PRO will be more than willing to extend the same services as that offered our SEO clients to your referral partner.

We provide services such as a Work Update Report sent weekly to them and on our White Hat SEO services.

Under the referral partnership we provide a wide range of solutions that are designed to help you achieve a Top 10 ranking whether you are an individual or a company of any size.


Check Out Our Reseller Commission Framework:


Get a 10% commission on an order volume of as much as  $1000.

Get a commission of 15% on an order volume from $1001 to $2500.

You get a 20% commission on an order volume over $2501.


Scroll Through The Major Features Of Our Reseller Program:


We guarantee full privacy.

We offer great content marketing as well as other integrated services.

All our reports are 100% unbranded.

Non-disclosure of your clients on our SEO portfolios.

Only our experienced members of staff will be assigned campaigns or projects.

You will get your reports in simple excel file format, making it easy for you to re-brand and dispatch to all your respective clients.


Reseller SEO Program Eligibility:


Own a Web development, Web design, Web hosting or a software development website.

All these websites should be active and must have been in operation for at least six months.

For this program only the aforementioned websites are eligible and no other type will be permitted.

It is important to note that when making enquiries on our SEO services you should always use your company mail ID.

If you use a free email ID, you will not be eligible for our reseller program.


Get To Increase Your Revenue With Minimal Effort When You Subscribe To Our SEO Reseller Program


Our proven White Label SEO strategies are expertly executed by our professional staff to ensure that you get full online exposure for your clients.

You will get a comprehensive SEO services package at a rate of $250 per month.

We ensure that all campaigns are handled by professional Campaign Managers only.

We guarantee White Hat methods only.

We have over 200 resellers worldwide.

We guarantee 100% private label.

We provide attractive bulk discounts for all our partners.

We ensure that all reports are rebranded.


Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Choose DENVER SEO PRO Your No. 1 SEO Company In Denver:

We offer FREE SEO Audit

Our partners get free audits

All reports are rebranded

Our turnaround time is quick

You get to save precious sales time


We offer a White Label Dashboard


We send a daily digest to your email box

We create a pre-assigned To-dos and Daily Tasks app

You get to store your files online

We guarantee a complete project overview


We guarantee professionalism and experience


We have over seven years of experience

We have and are currently handling over 5000 campaigns and projects

We offer 100% White Hat methods

We guarantee quality always


You can build when necessary


You can get updates from anywhere

You get to decide your mark up

You can create your own package

You can set up client interaction easily

Your Small Business Just Got Big! With our Small Business SEO Services


If you want to project your small business to a wide range of potential customers, then look no further than DENVER SEO PRO Small Business SEO services.

We provide small businesses in a particular location with cost effective online marketing solutions that are assured to give your small business the mileage it requires.


Your Target Audience Just Got Larger!


Whatever target audience you are looking at our small business SEO services will project your business in the quickest and most accessible way to them.

With us your small business will get to your target audience in a professional yet friendly and enticing manner in order to improve your sales.


Get A Really Wide Social Outreach


Using a number of social networking platforms your small business will get a really large outreach among your target audience in your locality and even beyond.

Social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ will give your small business a wider outreach.


We Will Effectively Manage Your Small Business Marketing Strategy


DENVER SEO PRO is a professional SEO Company in DENVER.

We provide SEO services in DENVER, the rest of Colorado and indeed the whole world.

One of our main SEO services is the small business SEO service solution designed to give small scale businesses sufficient mileage online by utilising various SEO tools with the ultimate aim of boosting the small businesses sales.

We are highly professional and comprise of a team of experienced SEO and Content writing experts that will project your small business in a positive light to your target audience.


Let Us Draw Up A Customised Small Business SEO Plan For You


If you have a website but you don’t feel you are getting the sort of mileage you had hoped for or you are even losing customers because your website is uninteresting, inactive and non interactive.

Then you might want to seriously consider hiring DENVER SEO PRO a reputable SEO Company in DENVER to help you draw up an effective small business SEO plan that will draw traffic to your website, increase your pool of prospective customers and subsequent patronage and sales.

Some of our SEO services include Social Media Optimization (SMO), On Page content generation, Off Page SEO strategies and one-way link building.

At DENVER SEO PRO your no.1 SEO services in Colorado, we carry out a thorough analysis of your website and we research into local competitor activities to device a plan of action that will give you a competitive edge.

We will engage in other activities such as keyword research and strategic planning to boost your small business SEO to the top of Googleranking in just a few weeks.

One way to increase traffic to your website is through local map listings, this is skill our team of specialists have perfected.

Why not give your small business a chance to grow and subscribe to our small business SEO solution services today.

You will be happy you made that decision!

Social Media Optimization Made Easy With DENVER SEO PRO



Enhancing Your Brand’s Recognition


At DENVER SEO PRO we are not simply the best SEO Company in DENVER and the rest of Colorado by chance.

It is as a result of a reputation built over time. We will devise viable online strategies to boost your brand’s recognition and eventually enhance its reputation amongst your customers and prospects.


Managing Your Brand’s Social Media Coverage


By coming up with efficient social media optimization strategies, your brand will be positively projected to a wide audience on various social networking platforms giving it as much mileage and coverage as necessary.


Effective Brand Management


With our specialised online reputation management system, your brand’s reputation will be effectively managed by our team of experts who will ensure that it is not tarnished in any way, shape or form.


Effectively Managing Reputations


Our SEO Services in DENVER includes ensuring that your brand is fully visible in all major social networking platforms as the power of this forum for increasing your customer base cannot be overemphasised.

We will enhance your brand’s reputation by using the following social media platforms in a scientific and professional manner.




Facebook is a global interactive social networking platform and DENVER SEO PROwill utilise it in the most scientific and professional way possible.

We will come up with viable customised online strategies after conducting extensive research as to how to effectively use this platform to promote your brand.

It is interesting to note the millions of potential customers are on Facebook and you will get an opportunity to showcase your brand and indeed drive traffic to your website when we manage your brand’s SMO on this very useful social networking platform.

The power of Facebook to boost any web optimization campaign cannot be overlooked and our team of specialists will fully utilise the tools available to them to effectively increase your presence on Facebook.

We believe that you will immediately have an increase in your website traffic with potential leads.




Providing the best SEO service in DENVER as well as the most versatile SEO services in Colorado has been directly linked to our extensive knowledge and skill-set in the promotion of our client’s websites on Twitter.

By effectively utilising the various paid promotion tools on twitter we have been able to help our clients generate the best possible leads, increase traffic to their websites, build a prospective client list and eventually increase their sales.

Twitter can help a news item go viral and so we make sure that in promoting your brand, we post messages that will captivate your target audience and draw them to your website.

DENVER SEO PRO is truly passionate about building and sustaining the reputation of your brand and using Twitter in a professional and scientific way is a step towards achieving this goal.


Google +


Google + is a unique social networking platform and we at DENVER SEO PROhave specialists who have mastered how to effectively utilise this platform to promote your website and brand.

We will ensure that your website and brand get top rankings on all search engines thereby increasing your mileage, prospective leads and sales outcome.

We can do this by ensuring that your brand gets more recognition through increased clicks, likes and shares for posts related to your brand.

By scientifically using your Google + profile and online posts, we ensure that there is an increase in traffic to your website.

Google + is also very flexible as previous posts can be edited for re-posting. The same cannot be said about Facebook and Twitter which has strict control over posts. This makes Google + a versatile social networking site, though not as popular as Twitter and Facebook we will still utilise it’s full potential to ensure that your brand reaches out to your target audience regardless of the social networking platform they may prefer.


You may not know this but Pinterest can actually generate more referral traffic to your website than Twitter and even more business related leads than LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube all combined together.

DENVER SEO PROas the most trusted SEO Company in DENVER and Colorado, we have mastered the use of this social networking platform to help increase traffic to your brand and website by pinning your thoughts, ideas, products and services images and text on the available virtual pin board on the site in order to give your brand the necessary presence and outreach.


How Do We Make Use Of Social Networking Platforms?


We Boost Your Presence:


DENVER SEO PROwill ensure that your brand and websites gets proper online presence by using the reach and power of social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pinterest.

Your brand and website will reach out to your target audience locally and internationally, giving it a more global appeal.


We Explore All Avenues:


We constantly explore all ways by which we can boost your brand and website’s reputation via the social media, because we know that the more reputable your brand is the more traffic it’s website will generate and ultimately the mire leads and prospective customers you will get.


Powerful Content:


We at DENVER SEO PROunderstand and know the power of good, enticing and powerful content. Our SEO services include ensuring that all posts on any social networking platform leading to a link to your website must be rich in great content for both the post and website content to keep the prospects interested and to help increase sales as a direct result.


We Develop Social Media Pages:


Creating social media pages for your brand is child’s play to us.

We will create professional looking pages that reflects your vision and brand profile.

By providing you with expertly developed pages you are sure to have more traffic, leads and subsequent sales.


We Build Reputations:


We utilise scientific and professional means in ensuring that your brands reputation is enhanced and sustained both locally and globally through the various social networking platforms available.




We apply scientific SMO strategies and we always evaluate the outcome of all social media optimization campaigns executed to know their performance in relation with expected goals. If a campaign is not bringing in the desired result, it is quickly amended to ensure that every promise made prior to a SMO campaign is realised.




We will employ 6 basic steps in improving your Social Media Optimization, these include the following:





Social Media





We exhibit the sort of leadership qualities necessary for you to trust our ability to enhance the reputation of your brand through search engine marketing campaigns that involves the use of social networking platforms which serve as viable grounds for a successful online marketing campaign.




We will take your brand to the top of search results on Google and other popular search engines by utilising our experience, knowledge and expertise in effectively promoting your website. All social media marketing campaigns are carried out with the confidence and authority needed for success.




We apply scientific means in ensuring that we get your brand to your desired target audience. Our specialists create interactive sessions and obtain feedbacks from prospective leads thereby effectively monitoring the performance of your brand during our social media campaign.




We will enhance your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable brand by improving your profile on top social networking platforms. This way we will generate traffic to your website and from there potential leads and sales.


Social Media:


DENVER SEO PROprovides you with effective web promotion tools to ensure that your brand gets the mileage and outreach it deserves on social networking platforms thereby increasing traffic, leads and sales to your business.




Our team of specialists dedicated to your company will ensure fill social optimization of your website. This will be achieved by ensuring that your website gets to the top of all organic search results.

Let Denver SEO PRO Help You Recover From A Google Penalty


Check out our effective penalty removal strategies and have genuine peace of mind.

It is believed that statistically Google alters it’s algorithm about 500-600 times per annum.

Most of these are small alterations, however Google also has three somewhat effective “virtual whistle-blowers” namely Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird.

Hummingbird helps to block out spam websites among other functions.

These virtual whistle-blowers can really be a headache for website owners as they can impose penalties on defaulting websites sooner than you can say please!


Denver SEO PRO the no. 1 SEO Company in Denver will help you get out of the penalty by applying our online strategies that have been carefully thought out and scientifically implemented to get you out of the problem in the quickest possible time.


What we do is to thoroughly scrutinise the possible reasons for which your website has been penalised by the Google Robot such as;

When Google has sent you a warning message

Not finding your website on Google

A drop in the organic ranking for target keywords

A reduction in search traffic


Denver SEO PRO Are Specialists In Penguin And Panda Removal

Understanding The Google Penguin Recovery Services


When a website is deemed to derive links from the much touted “link farms” the Google Penguin which is a very strong algorithm will upstage this website that has been rank high and bring it to a very low ranking.


What Is The Google Panda Recovery Services?


This algorithm ensures that websites with a poor quality content are weeded out and do not rise to the top of organic search engine rankings through deliberate manipulation.


Identifying Google Penguin, Panda And Manual Updates

Understanding The Google Penguin


Spam links created by web owners and webmasters designed to project a website to the very top of Google ranking in the shortest possible time by engaging Black Hat SEO tactics involving links with “link farms” is tackled by the Google Penguin which effectively curbs these spam links.

The job of the Google-robot is to create a level playing field for all by ranking websites with spam links low in the organic search engine rankings.

There is even some small talk of the Google Penguin 4.0 being a real time algorithm that actually works 24/7 to immediately penalise any website it identifies and picks out as engaging in spam linking activities.

For diligent websites and web owners, this is great news. As they have for long felt that they had not gotten the recognition they deserve for providing quality contents.

It has become really difficult these days for spammers and spamming websites to achieve top rankings in Google even with the Black Hat techniques.


What To Look Out For If You Are Penalised By Google Penguin Update:


When you notice that your website suddenly drops in the Google organic search results ranking.

If no action is taken on the spammy links, you may notice that your website will be missing for some time from Google search results.

Google may or may not inform you of an impending penalty and the reason behind it.


When a website uses manipulative and unethical means to obtain a rapid ranking on top search engines like Google, these search engines fight back with sometimes harsh penalties.


Understanding The Google Panda


If your web content is overloaded with “key phrases and keywords” or maybe it has copied content from similar original websites, then you stand the risk of being penalised by Google Panda.

The job of Google Panda is to identify and pick out websites with duplicated content. These spammy websites with poor quality and irrelevant content are penalised.

What the Google Panda algorithm does is to pull out these websites from top organic keyword rankings and put them in the bottom pile.

Once you are hit with a Google Panda update you immediately experience a drop in ranking.


What To Look Out For If You Are Penalised By Google Panda Update:


You will immediately notice a drop in Search Engine (SE) traffic and web visitor traffic to your website.

There will be a drop in your keyword and website ranking.

When your website gets penalised it gradually but eventually disappears from search engine results.


Understanding The Google Manual Penalty


Google will notify you via your Webmaster Tool inbox indicating possible punitive actions that will be taken against your website if you do not rectify your unethical activities.

Google will carry out either a partial manual penalty or a complete manual penalty.

Under partial manual penalty you will be notified by Google on which page or content on your website that has been scrutinised and for which you have been penalised.

Google search engine will bar those web pages that are loaded with spammy links or poor contents as a complete manual penalty due to unethical activities.

The good news with Google manual updates is that your entire website is not blocked out but only those pages that have spammy links.

The notifications from Google can actually act as a proverbial kick-up your behind and a wake up call for your search engine optimisation experts.